SALE!! Combo Kit - Zippered Pouch, Hammer Holder, Tape Clip

SALE!! Combo Kit - Zippered Pouch, Hammer Holder, Tape Clip


 Items are discounted when you purchase together in the Combo kit.

Combo Kit includes 1 Zippered Pouch, 1 Hammer Holder and 1 Tape Clip all of the same color.

Fits on ANY Boulder Bag tool belt.

Zippered Connect-A-Pouch includes:

Hammer Holder includes:

Tape Clip includes:

The Boulder Tool Belts and Bags are designed for the professional that knows exactly what they need, and exactly where they need it. With Boulder you'll work better and faster using our well organized bags. Tools you use will always be within a quick, easy reach. Our design provides for simple adjustments and easy storage without spilling contents.

Designed by Professionals for Professional. Our pouches have plenty of pockets and loops to hold tools upright and accessible.

Boulder Tool Belts

Boulder Tool Belts and Pouches are simply the best made bags in America. They're incredibly strong, so they can take whatever pounding comes their way. Yet lightweight, so they don't take it out on you.  Boulder Tool Belts manufactures the finest quality Cordura® Classic Nylon tool belts, tool pouches, tool bags and accessories for the construction and electrician industries. Boulder products are rated #1 in the industry for a reason. Great Quality and Great Value.


Customer Reviews

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American made

It’s nice to buy something that don’t have a Made in China tag !!! Best tool belt ever keep up the good work !!!!

Jesse Elliott
Tool Belt Review

I bought a boulder bag tool belt back in 1996. I used it fully time from ‘96-‘99. I then used it intermittently since then until now 2021. I had to buy a new one. The new one is nice. Lots of room for tools in the main tool pouch. The 4 (quadrant style) pouch is good as well and I like the padded and leather belt and buckle system. However, here is my constructive feedback. On the quadrant style pouch I miss original version that was a 3 pocket system. One big one and two smaller ones on the outside. Additionally there were 3 tool sleeves against the inside of the big pouch. You could be a couple electrical boxes (4sq, 4/11) in the big pouch which you needed sometimes when working up high off a ladder. There was also a small 3 sleeve system in the back of this pouch that I kept my pens, pencil, small drill bits and tweezers and I could wedge it all in there and it would t fall out. Now my pens go in the other main tool pouch (which is on the left because I am left handed) but the pocket is too big and they fall out. The boys now going in the quad style pouch in the Velcro pocket which if I forget the Velcro pocket the bits keep falling out when I set my tool bags down the wrong way. I was so used to a tool setup for 25 years and it is challenging to adapter to a new tool er organization bit I am sure so will get there. Thanks