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Love them but too big

Being my second set of boulder bags I love them they are very comfortable and easy to work with. Only issue I had is I’m a 29 waist size and the medium claimed to be 28-32 I believe and it’s a bit too big. Lost a belt loop and made it work for my size. All in all they are absolutely amazing and have recommended to all of my coworkers.

Awesome bags

Love em. Good quality, miles better than working or out of a common bag, especially specifically for electricians, pouches for wire nuts, staples, screws, and extra tools, and pouch is much more organized and accessible

Need more time with them

They're good. Like most things we buy nowadays, it sucks not being able to try things in person. I would've realized that I needed the medium size as opposed to large. I made it work, but they're Frankenstein'd with an occidental belt. I do like the lightness of them. I'd probably like them more if I had the right size, but it's all good. I usually pass my bags on to apprentices after a while anyhow and I'll be back to purchase another set that'd be the correct size. All in all, they're good. This is just my opinion which is just a reflection of the shopping experience us old f***ers are having to adjust to. We don't like change! LOL

Boulder Bag Ultimate Electrician MAX Comfort Combo Tool Belt

Love these bags

I love these bags. They are super comfortable and they distribute the weight very well. They feel much lighter than my old one fully loaded. Would recommend these for anyone.

Boulder Bag Professional Electrician MAX Comfort Combo Tool Belt


Suspenders not for large men. I'm 5'11" with a 52" chest and Broad shoulders.(body builder) the suspenders are adjusted all the way out and the padding still cuts into my shoulders and towards the back of my neck. Not recommended for big guys. Have to look for something else that will work.

160$ piece of trash

Belt isn’t worth the money the actual belt cannot be adjusted without extreme force the belt clip for the measuring tape is in the worst possible spot any time I bend it forces itself out of the holder there are no interior pockets in the right side to fit a lineman and stripper don’t waste your money folks it’s not a good deal

Boulder Bag Comfort Belt w/ Leather-tipped Metal Buckle - 504

Pretty happy so far with only a few things I would change.

Hi guys! Im pretty happy with my choice so far. I just put down my newer leather Occidental leather electrician bags with comfort belt to try these. I weighed in at 25 lbs with those bags, and with yours and taking a couple tools out Im now at 19lbs which feels like a big difference. The bags are comfy, and there are plenty of tool pockets. There are a few changes I would make that would seal the deal. Just so you know I wear tool bags everyday for a good 8 hrs plus. I have about 5 other brand ones sitting in my garage because they just didn’t cut it. One thing Im running into is I ordered the large because Im at the 34-36” waist and I have it pulled all the way tight and need another hole, but there is no room to make a hole in the belt. Im thinking I should have gotten the Medium and maybe the plastic snap buckle. Not sure though. Second, the two pockets on the left side tool pouch one I use for wire nuts and one for screws. The pockets are very deep which isn’t a huge deal, but then I will end up carrying too many screws and digging through them is a pain. I think I need to find a very small clip on bag to hook to the front of the bag for screws then use one of the deep pouches for material Im installing such as boxes, straps, couplings, etc. The other thing that gets me every time is the bags fall over when you take them off and some of my tools or parts fall out on the ground. That kind of sucks. The pros though are the handles and the pouch velcro is strong. Other brands you pick up by the handles and the velcro comes apart. These are comfortable. The camouflage pattern looks sweet. The right tool pouch is very organized which I like. The left pouch could use one more divider instead of one center one. I hope this is a helpful review for people. As of right now a few weeks in Im pretty dang happy. I just need to figure out the belt issue and the small pouch issue. Thanks guys!

Quality, Comfort and Practical

The quality of your belts is unmatched in my experience. This is my second one. I still have the first one. It held up over years of use (abuse) and is still in good shape today. The upgraded belt with back support makes the belt more comfortable since I have lower back problems. The carrying handles are a great addition for using the belt like a tool bag. Very convenient.

Nice holder

No problem with the item overall, could like to make suggestions about the design, I thought this one was just a clip to clip on to my belt not a slide. So that would be a nice feature, I was also thinking about introducing some rubber or something to prevent the clanking sound of a hammer, it’s annoying to have to remove my hammer every time I go into a homeowners house and it being loud. Just thoughts


These are the best bags I’ve ever used. They are very comfortable and the support team was so helpful in getting an order switched out. 10/10 would recommended and I will be back

Love the new style

Great toolbelt! Have used boulder for quite a few years now and this new style is definitely an upgrade. I always get the pouch on the side option to hold onto bits and what not and to get em for easy access. My only gripe is where the electrical tape holder is, just always seems to be in a spot where it can be caught on the ladder and rips apart. Other than that, the new design is great! Love the backwoods camo! Great tool belts. They last me about 2 1/2 years at the most of consistent use but I ain’t complaining about that. New style feels great and comfortable. Have had a lot of people ask me about em which has been awesome

Boulder bag review

Mixed feelings. I still need 1 size smaller. This isnt the company's fault. But wish theyd be more happy to help. The belt seems like it'd be nice to use and as I could really use them, they just fall down with the weight of the tools. I may try to use them this next week as it is getting cold, an extra jacket on and suspenders may help.
I asked a couple weeks ago when I received them, what I can do to get a smaller belt. Heck I live down the street from your store to make the swap or something simple. But that conversation ended pretty quick and as I have a lot going on and being stressed, I figured I'd do everyone a solid leave it as an is what it is situation and let you all pocket some unhappily spent money for now

Great Bag!

Love how lightweight it is and i love the pockets

FULL SET - Boulder Bag Ultimate Electrician MAX Comfort Combo Tool Belt w/ Comfort Padded Suspenders

Belt Clip Needs improvement

The buckle/clip needs to be a bit more stable. And built with thicker metal.

A great product

After much consideration I ordered the Boulder Bag and am very happy with the construction and quality of the bag. I mistakenly ordered the wrong size and they were great about fixing the issue. A great product and great customer service.

ultimate electrician pouch

The name says it all .This tool pouch is well designed with great pockets and access to tools. In a time where electricians have more and more specialty tools , this pouch has many storage options and great ergonomics . it is confortable and rides well in the hip. I have used many BoulderBag products over the years and this is my favorite so far. and the rust color looks great ,too.Quality built with quality materials.

Haven't received it

Ordered 14 days ago and it hasn't even left the Salt lake ups and nobody will return my emails. Still yet to be resolved.

Best Bags Ever!

100% recommend

Pro Belt for Pros

It’s a really good belt. Only thing that would make it better is if I could have designed it myself. I am a professional electrician. Only real change I would make is a place for a speed square. Other than that it’s great. I will be getting another one for when I handy man stuff and just need more variety in tools to be used when handymaning it. Thumbs up. Get one, you won’t be disappointed.