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Electrician's belt

I bought the leather tipped version and I couldn't be much happier with it. Belt is very comfortable even when loaded, is quality american made, and at a much better price than other american tool belts. Pretty much my only complaint is that I wish the fastener pouch had a divider in the middle of the big pocket

Connect-A-Pouch Mini Pocket - ULT660

The best of all the competition out there with all the options available to you

I like the Metal buckle's over the plastic, handels are a great option and you don't have a option of color with the competition.. With all the options one is able to get a personized product to meet their wants and needs

Boulder Bag Ultimate Electrician MAX Comfort Combo Tool Belt

Great tool belt

One of the best belts I’ve owned. What makes it better is it’s made in the U.S.A

Hammer Holder - Multiple Color Selections - 530

Best tool belt I’ve ever had. Pockets for everything and durable.


So it's not exactly easy to find a tool belt that work well with being a commercial plumber, but his has hit the spot so far! And it's so comfortable! The Velcro overlapping piece in the front is so nice to not have the belt buckle bite into me. I have been recommending these bags to anyone that will listen!

Connect-A-Pouch Mini Pocket - ULT660

Sheet metal

Good quality bags would be unreal if they made one specific for sheet metal workers.

7-Pocket Pouch - 110

Boulder Bag Comfort Belt w/ Leather-tipped Metal Buckle - 504

Electrician pouch

Was very skeptical about buying a new pouch. I’ve been using the same one for 20 years. But it was finally time to go. Ordered the boulder pouch and it came within a couple days and i love it. Extremely comfortable and tools are layed out how i like them. Would definitely recommend it!

Great belt

Iv gotten the same belt from lows for the past 12 years. Wanted to see what was some different options out there. The belt i got has alot of options for a low voltage technician and seams to be very durable. I like having the outside strap for my drywall knife. Which the tape chain was a little bit longer. I got the suspender options which helps alot while carrying my impact all day. Overall it was a good purchase.


Bags are great and they seem to be well constructed from quality material. The belt is ridiculously stiff. It's very difficult to make adjustments. Had I known it was so stiff I probably wouldn't have bought this one.

Padded suspenders

The suspenders are comfortable but are way too big. I have to double back the straps to get them to adjust enough that they are actually supporting the tool bags

Great bags

Great set of quality bags, and made in USA 🇺🇸..that’s all I’ll ever buy.. thank you.

BOULDER BAG Comfort Padded Suspenders. High Tech Padded w/ Extreme Support and Comfort for your Tool Belt.

This is the lightest, comfiest, and most durable tool belt I’ve owned

I am very happy with my purchase. Although I was hesitant to spending money on this belt compared to other brands, I’m glad I did! Investing in quality has made my job not only easier, but extremely comfortable as well. Thank you for putting effort into making a great tool belt

Belt review

Bags are great. Seem to be well constructed from quality material. Workmanship looks to be good quality.. the belt that goes through the bags with the quick buckle is ridiculously stiff.. it is very difficult to adjust the belt to fit. I bought this for my 72 yr old father and it's a pain to adjust. Had I known before hand I most likely would have chosen a different one.

Love this bag.

This is the second pouch of this style I’ve had (ULT110). The first one lasted about 10 years. I’m an electrician and this is the perfect left side pouch. Not too big, but plenty of space with some to spare.

This was a gift

My son in law loved the suspenders and
Belt. However I accidentally ordered a 2xl md
Needed a large. I can’t find the packing slip. Wanted to return the 2xl . I already re ordered the large and received.

Amazing product

The tool bag was everything and all excepted with our son who needed and wanted this product. It has made his job easier, more efficient with his time, easy to handle all tool carrying too

Best electrician belt ever!

Great tool belt, well made and very well designed. I ordered the ultimate electricians belt with the extra clip on pouch for wire nuts, it was shipped the literal next business day and I received it in like two days. Very pleased with the quick response. I love the design for the little pouch above the supplies pouch, perfect for impact nut drivers and common drill bits, very quick access no digging around in the depths of your belt for those. And I got mine in woodland camo, they have quite a few colors which I thought was a cool touch for a little personalization. Comfort of the padded belt and suspenders is great and it fits all my tools perfectly. Only thing I would change, I wish they had a tape pouch on the back next to the hammer, I put mine from another belt, just cause it balances the belt better with weight, all in all I give it a ten and I will buy another one when it’s time to buy a new one.