Boulder Bag Carpenter Comfort Combo Triple Tool Belt

Boulder Bag Carpenter Comfort Combo Triple Tool Belt

Choice of Buckle

Configuration:  6 Pocket Pouch, Tape ClipSingle Pouch, Carpenter Pouch, Comfort Belt

Carpenter Comfort Combo Triple Tool Belt - Item #250 & #254

3 Slots, 13 Pockets

model 250 includes Quick Release Buckle

model 254 includes Leather-tipped Metal Buckle

Boulder® Bag Tool Belts are Rated #1 in the industry. The Tool Belt of choice for over 20 years!

The Boulder Tool Belts and Bags are designed for the professional that knows exactly what they need, and exactly where they need it. With Boulder you'll work better and faster using our well organized bags. Tools you use will always be within a quick, easy reach. Our design provides for simple adjustments and easy storage without spilling contents.

The ‘Carpenter’ line of belts have been specifically designed for the professional Carpenter and construction worker. Pouches have plenty of pockets and loops to hold tools upright and accessible.

Product Description

Boulder Tool Belts

Boulder Tool Belts and Pouches are simply the best made bags in America. They're incredibly strong, so they can take whatever pounding comes their way. Yet lightweight, so they don't take it out on you.  Boulder Tool Belts manufactures the finest quality Cordura® Classic Nylon tool belts, tool pouches, tool bags and accessories for the construction and electrician industries. Boulder products are rated #1 in the industry for a reason. Great Quality and Great Value.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Comfy fit for a small lady carpenter! Bad hammer placement!

After years of searching for a decently fitting set-up, I’m happy to say that Boulder Bags delivers in the comfort department. Most toolbelt manufacturers don’t size things with women or smaller sized folks in mind, so I was excited when I saw that Boulder actually makes a small sized belt! That said, the hammer loop is in the absolute worst place. I can’t put my hammer in the loop if I also want to be able to walk as the placement puts the handle of my hammer in front of my knees. Pockets are decently sized, tape measure options aren’t the best but figuring it out… overall just stoked that these bags fit my waist and hips properly and I’ll work out the kinks. Perhaps the hammer placement wouldn’t be an issue for larger folks since the side pocket would sit more on the outside of your leg rather than in front? Seems like an oversight in design. For other ladies interested in sizing, I’m 5’4 with a 29” waist, small bags fit well with room for winter clothing when needed.

Dennis Hollenbeck

I could tell by looking at the pocket and storage bags, and placement of the bags that this belt would be perfect. It’s just right and feels great. It was so nice having screws and tools right where I needed them. Being that I do steel stud framing, my only modification will be removing the hammer hook, and going with something else to secure my impact gun, and reinforce a tool slot for my drywall knife.

Emmett Jones
Awesome Belt.

I was really debating between badger, occidental, diamond back, atlas, and these. Definitely don't regret my decision. Only thing I'm not too keen on is the hammer loop. But other than that I absolutely love my set up. Highly recommend to my fellow contractors out there.

Kevin Farmer
Boulder bag review

Mixed feelings. I still need 1 size smaller. This isnt the company's fault. But wish theyd be more happy to help. The belt seems like it'd be nice to use and as I could really use them, they just fall down with the weight of the tools. I may try to use them this next week as it is getting cold, an extra jacket on and suspenders may help.
I asked a couple weeks ago when I received them, what I can do to get a smaller belt. Heck I live down the street from your store to make the swap or something simple. But that conversation ended pretty quick and as I have a lot going on and being stressed, I figured I'd do everyone a solid leave it as an is what it is situation and let you all pocket some unhappily spent money for now