Boulder Bag Electrician Comfort Combo Tool Belt

Boulder Bag Electrician Comfort Combo Tool Belt

Choice of Buckle

Configuration:  7 Pocket Pouch, Tape Clip, Hammer Holder, Electrician Tool Pouch, Comfort Belt

Electrician Comfort Combo 100 & 104 (without handles)

11 slots, 14 pockets

model 100 includes Quick Release Buckle

model 104 includes Leather-tipped Metal Buckle

Boulder® Bag Tool Belts are Rated #1 in the industry. The Tool Belt of choice for over 20 years!

The Boulder Tool Belts and Bags are designed for the professional that knows exactly what they need, and exactly where they need it. With Boulder you'll work better and faster using our well organized bags. Tools you use will always be within a quick, easy reach. Our design provides for simple adjustments and easy storage without spilling contents.

The ‘Electrician’ line of belts have been specifically designed for the professional Electrician. Pouches have plenty of pockets and loops to hold tools upright and accessible.

Product Description

Boulder Tool Belts

Boulder Tool Belts and Pouches are simply the best made bags in America. They're incredibly strong, so they can take whatever pounding comes their way. Yet lightweight, so they don't take it out on you.  Boulder Tool Belts manufactures the finest quality Cordura® Classic Nylon tool belts, tool pouches, tool bags and accessories for the construction and electrician industries. Boulder products are rated #1 in the industry for a reason. Great Quality and Great Value.


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
James Garguilo
Amazing as always

This is my third set of electricians bags. They are all still in excellent condition. I just needed a spare set so I bought new ones. Best bags on the market!

Adam Settlemyre
High value

Good quality product at a competitive price. Thrilled to see USA made product to buy. If you want good jobs and a decent economy buy domestic and support small businesses.

Cody Koepke

I had these bags when i got into a car accident. My pickup slid across them between metal and pavement at 65mph. There is not even a hole in them.

Nicholas Brown
Exactly what I was looking for!

I agonized for weeks about the decision between these and the ultimates. For me, I preferred having a little more of an open pouch design on my dominant side. The professionals did just that. They have the perfect blend of organization and bigger bulk storage on your tool side.

This space is great for those times when you have an odd sized tool like a stud finder or protractor. You can even toss some wire connectors down there for doing makeup. Fair play that it gets a little snug when wearing gloves though.

The tool loops inside the main pouch do a great job of holding a variety of tools, so if you prefer to hold your screw and nutdrivers in there, or if you prefer to hold your pliers there by the handles then you can do that as well.

The outer pockets hold strippers, lineman's pliers, diagonal cutters, and needle nose pliers equally well. The outer slots are a perfect fit for most single function screwdrivers, but are a little snug for insulated or multi bit drivers.

I love the dedicated inner pockets for the utility knife and pencil (or permanent marker), but they're versatile enough to be used by other similar sized items. I find that my work style suits having a utility knife and pencil with me at all times, and the placement of these items is right where I want them.

The large inner pocket is perfect for lineman's pliers or multi function pliers and the big pocket it lives in has enough space to provide a quick landing pad for odds and ends.

The seven tool pouch is a great balance between tool storage and material storage. The inner pockets on the main pouch are exactly where I prefer to hold my torpedo level and folding ruler. They're a great size for tongue and groove pliers if you run a lot of conduit and like to have a set on either side. The pockets are roomy and easy to access. The outer pockets have some folded material that can conceal smaller wire connectors and screws from time to time, especially with gloves, but otherwise still very functional. The tool slots on the outside hold cable jacket strippers and other shorter tools as well.

The tape clip is in a great spot and the belt is very comfortable. I opted for the the leather tipped, medium, and I'm using the last hole. I'm a 32" waist for size comparison. The hammer holder is strong and light. I moved it to the left of center position, which opened up a spot on my right side to hang an impact driver from. The belts supports it without issue and balances nicely.

If you're like me, and your work style is more about carrying only a few tools at a time, but with a wider variety, and you find that you prefer a little bit of bulk storage space on both sides then the professionals are a great choice. The fact that they don't hold as many tools is actually a good thing as it prevents you from carrying your whole tool box or tote on your hips.

I have occidentals, CLCs, and a shelf of mixed styles of huskies, and these by far are my favorite. The handles on the belt are a feature I have been missing in my other sets and the belt itself is wide, comfortable, and offers some good support for your lower back. It's nice and wide and distributes the weight very nicely. I opted to omit the suspenders as I work overhead most of the time. Keeping my load light and slick is how I like to work and these fit my style perfectly. The blue is a great color when you see it in person too!

Thanks Boulder, you guys are making a great product in the States and I love you for it!